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As an Independent Insurance Agency, we offer you a wide variety of products to address all your insurance needs. We invite you to review the list below. Then please feel free to call or email us for a more thorough discussion of your no obligation or cost.

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Homeowners, Renters and Condo-Unit Owners
All Homeowners, Renters and Condo-unit-owners policies provide liability, building and contents protection. The standard policy covers a wide variety of perils such as fire, hurricane, theft, vandalism, burst pipes and many more.

However, this standard policy also has many limitations. You are not covered for losses due to floods, earthquakes or building code requirements, etc. These gaps and other coverage improvements need careful discussion.

Term Insurance is a very good way to buy lots of coverage at a low price. Term policies may be taken out for one year, five years, ten, twenty and even for thirty years. But once the term is up, you have no more coverage. Term coverage is especially good when you have large obligations but not a lot of money to spend. Both premium and the death benefit remain the same throughout the policy term.

Whole Life Insurance
assumes that you will keep it for your whole life. The premiums are much higher than for Term Insurance policies. However, this policy builds 'cash value' that you can use for emergencies or as supplemental part of your retirement plan.

Small Business
The basic Businessowners policy is set up much like a homeowners policy, as one policy insures the building if you own it and/or your contents, plus liability coverage. In addition, this policy will provide you with loss of income while you wait to resume business, after a serious covered loss.
If you have any employees, the Commonwealth requires you to purchase Workers Compensation Insurance. If you do not have Workers Compensation and an employee is injured, that employee can sue you. The State can also levy fines and close you down.


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