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Tips on getting the house you REALLY want.

Decide how badly you want a specific house before making an offer. Ask yourself how you would feel if you lost the house by $15,000? By $10,000? By $5,000?

Make it as easy as possible for the seller to accept your offer by attaching a copy of your loan pre-approval letter to the offer, which shows the owner that you have the credit and finances necessary to complete the transaction.

Always demand a home inspection, but make your demand more reasonable by promising to get the inspector in quickly - e.g. within a week.

Submit a large deposit with your offer, as the size of the deposit says something about your committment to the home.

Move quickly in every stage of the closing process. Submit your offer immediately deciding that this is the house. Commit to a 30 day close if possible. Make sure that all deadlines for response, acceptance, and funding are met.