More than the right price...the right options and discounts.
To give you more value for your auto insurance dollar, our insurance companies offer a variety of enhanced coverage options along with cost-saving discounts. In addition to varying from company to company, some apply automatically to qualified drivers. Others you need to request. So be sure to ask us which ones will apply to you..

The right options

Accident Forgiveness Coverage
Provided at no charge for qualifying policies. This coverage "forgives" the surcharge associated with a single at-fault accident. In order to qualify, (1) your policy must have been in force for at least 48 months, (2) all drivers on the policy must qualify for the Excellent Driver Discount Plus (under the Safe Driver Insurance Plan), and (3) you must meet certain other requirements. New customers can purchase this coverage when they qualify for the Excellent Driver Discount Plus under the Safe Driver Insurance Plan.

Airbag Accidental Deployment
Will pay cost to repair or restore…no deductible

Disappearing Deductible
Provides an automatic $100 credit per vehicle for every year that you remain claim-free. This can be applied against your Collision deductible - up to a maximum of $500 credit per vehicle.

Door-to-Door Claim ServiceSM
This option takes the hassle out of claims with vehicle pick-up and delivery of the car to a repair shop along with arrangement for a rental. Repaired car will be returned and rental will be picked up. Plus, repairs done by a referral shop are guaranteed for as long as you own or lease your car.

Loan or Lease Gap
This option will pay for the difference between the loss and the balance owed on a Loan or Lease on vehicles with less than 45,000 miles and within 36 months of new vehicle purchase or lease.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts Coverage
Provided at no charge and covers the cost to replace damaged parts with Original Equipment Manufacturer parts when the damaged parts cannot be repaired, as long as (1) the damage occurs within the vehicle's first 20,000 miles, (2) the vehicle is no more than ten model years old, and (3) you meet certain other requirements. This enhancement applies to Collision, Limited Collision and Comprehensive coverage (excluding glass and mechanical parts) for vehicles that meet the requirements.

Pet Injury
If a pet dies or is injured in an accident in the vehicle you may qualify for compensation of up to $500

Replacement Cost Coverage
Provided at no cost and covers newly acquired current and subsequent model year vehicles that have been driven less than 15,000 miles. If you qualify, your policy will cover the replacement cost of a vehicle that has been deemed a total loss. An optional Replacement Cost endorsement can be purchased that does not contain a mileage restriction…beyond 15,000. This enhancement applies to Collision, Limited Collision and Comprehensive (excluding theft, fire and vandalism losses) coverage for vehicles that meet the requirements.


The Right Discounts*

Features and discounts will vary from company to company. So be sure to discuss your specific needs with us by calling today. We'll help you determine the best coverage along with the best price.

Advanced Driver Training:
Inexperienced drivers who complete a certified training course

20-36% (off of the fire and theft coverage portion)
Cars with anti-theft devices such as car alarms

Good Student:
High school or college students with a B average or higher

Write your auto policy along with your homeowner's policy

Hybrid Car Credit
: 5%

Low Mileage:
Cars driven fewer than 7,500 miles per year

Motor Club Memberships
Discounts vary from club to club. Be sure to check with us.

Policies with more than one car

Passive Restraint:
Cars with qualifying restraints such as airbags

Public Transit
: 10%
Commuters who use public transit for 11 months of the year

Safe Driver:
Drivers with no violations or losses

SBLI Policy Holder
: 9%
SBLI policy holders can pay $5 to qualify for a 9% group discount

Senior Citizen
: 25%
Drivers over 65 years of age

WBUR Membership
: 7%
Show us your current WBUR membership card and you qualify for a 7% group discount

*Your individual risk characteristics will determine your final discount percentage.


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